Therapy can provide a supportive place in which you feel safe. Having a relationship focused on fostering growth and change can help break you through to the next stage of your life. Therapy can provide a more objective perspective on your situation, it can shed light into patterns that block you from creating change. But therapy only works if you are:

  • Willing. A willing mind is an open mind. Willing to hear an alternative point of view, willing to consider options to your truth.
  • Motivated: Ready to do things differently, try new ways of behaving, practicing new skills, inside and outside of therapy.
  • Honest: Open communication is key for the therapeutic relationship to work its magic. Having secrets in therapy can bog down the process. You are the focus, here, and you are taking the time, effort and expense of therapy sessions. Make good use of it.

These ingredients are correlated with successful therapy outcomes. Everybody struggles with various issues in their life. Some people are considering therapy to address a specific, difficult situation that is occurring. Some come to understand themselves better; some have serious symptoms of depression, anxiety and other disorders that is seriously impacting their lives. Whatever the reason, therapy is a safe place to find out how to take the next steps to move forward.