Clinical Supervision for an Associate Social Worker who is registered with the State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Clinical supervision is a requirement in order to  become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). An LCSW license allows social workers to take their career to the next level, ensuring higher skilled positions within organizations, and work toward becoming a therapist. The supervision relationship is a relationship in which the Associate Social Worker (ASW) and LCSW discuss various topics relating to the ASW’s work, including ethical decision-making, resolving dilemmas, creating and honing critical clinical skills, ensuring adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics, overseeing potential liability issues, resolving interpersonal conflict, counseling in regards to dealing with systems, workplace challenges, etc. The goal of Clinical Supervision is to ensure high-quality Social workers enter the field with a solid set of frameworks that they can adapt to any situation that presents itself. The ideal clinical supervision relationship honors confidentiality. It is separate from the ASW’s supervisor at their workplace. It is sacred and a place of trust, in which the supervisor and supervisee are able to communicate on a deeper level than the work supervisor.


2300 hours of face to face supervision is required. This is one hour per week, or 2 hours per week of group supervision, for every 40 hours worked. This roughly translates to 2 years of supervision in order to be eligible for licensing.



Clinical Supervision services may be limited at any given time, depending on the number of ASWs that are currently being seen. Please call to inquire about any wait list.